Identity Theft

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by Mack Jackson Jr., J.S.M

This book is a must read.  Find out how you can protect your family's privacy.  Information is the new currency.  Protect yourself from the fastest growing crimes of the 21st century. 

A comprehensive guide to Protecting Your 


You will learn

Highlights of "How To Protect Yourself and Your Family from Identity Theft"

Understanding Identity Theft

Have you have monitored your Identity, what do you do next?  

Find out how Identity Theft can affect your family and your business.

Case Studies From Families Like Yours

Helpful tips and more...

We have researched case studies of families that have encountered Identity Theft and recovered their privacy.

What You Can Do Today

This book has tips and how-tos to stay up to date with the latest in Identity Theft prevention.

Information is the new currency. Protect yourself from the fastest growing crimes of the 21st century, Identity Theft

Highlights of “How To Protect Yourself and Your Family From Identity Theft”:

• Understanding Identity Theft

• How Your Identity Can be Stolen • How Financial Institutions are Fighting Back

• What Law Enforcement is Doing

• What You Can Do Today • What to do if your information is stolen

• Case Studies of families like yours

• Helpful Tips and more!

Over 16 million

Victims every year

Every 2 seconds a credit card is stonlen

1 Billion email accounts stonlen

97% of all retailers have been hacked

Did you know that...

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This book has over 25 incredible techniques and case studies that have helped families like yours protect themselves from cyber hackers.

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“Mack Jackson is extremely knowledgeable about Identity Theft and has an in-depth understanding of the chaos it can create in one's life. He is passionate about teaching others how to protect themselves from this horrific crime. Everyone should attend one of his informative programs and learn how to protect their personal information. He made me aware of things to do that I had not previously considered.”

Judi Moreo

Turning Point International

Mack Jackson Jr. is an expert on cyber security and compliance. He brings increased security awareness to his audiences and communicates the importance of security measures in protecting your business. Mack will show you how to improve your company's security policies and procedures. 


Cyber crimes like Identity Theft are on the increase and these crimes have damaged countless families and businesses. Mack has worked with leading privacy and technology associations to protect your personal identifiable information from one of the fastest-growing crimes of the 21st century. 

Mack’s background is in cyber security, compliance, legal, and business consulting. His programs and consulting services will educate and inform you on how to protect yourself, your family and your business from the fastest-growing crimes of the 21st century. 

 Mack is the host of ‘Technology Review’ TV on the WCOBM TV network. His show informs the public on Identity Theft protection and new technology trends. You can watch Technology Review TV every Friday at 3 pm PST on Technology Review TV. 

Mack Jackson Jr.

Cyber Security Speaker, Author and TV Host

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"Our best defense against cyber attacks is education."

-Mack Jackson Jr., J.S.M

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